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Restaurant Financial Strategy For COVID-19

What is your restaurant financial strategy for COVID-19?

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Restaurants across the nation are struggling to make it through the pandemic that is COVID-19. AS industry veterans, we know that running a restaurant when things are normal is a daily grind to fill seats, maintain food quality, provide excellent customer service, and maintain a healthy financial outlook.

This is why financial planning and a solid strategy is essential now more than ever.

Recently we helped a client reclaim $13,000 in real dollars that will go along way to assisting them in making it to the other side. Granted we can’t do this for everyone but what we can do is help you:

Click here to download the Federal Government’s Guide to Reopening America

View the official page here.

Download the SBA PPP loan forgiveness application

View the official page here.

We exist to partner with restaurants by providing vital Financial Management services, so the burden on you, as the owner, is greatly alleviated.

You may be considering a small business bridge load.

Before committing to a loan of any kind, we advise that you review your entire financial situation so we can forecast your ability to pay the loan back while promoting growth when the COVID-19 lock down ends. My Restaurant CFO can help you organize your financial data, so you have a clear understanding of your ability to meet your restaurant’s needs and honor the loan payment obligations. Please don’t leave it to chance, plan to succeed, or become a victim of the coming market correction.

During this time, we are significantly reducing our fees, so virtually any restaurateur can take advantage of what we consider to be vital services for your financial health.

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